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Julio Gaeta

Julio Gaeta is Mexican-Uruguayan from Montevideo, Uruguay. He has a PhD in Architecture specializing in Theory, History and Architecture Criticism from the Federal University of Porto Alegre, Brazil, and is a licensed architect from the UDELAR, School of Architecture in Montevideo, Uruguay. He completed a Master in Land Use Planning at the UDELAR, and postgraduate studies in Urban Design at the School of Architecture in Naples, Italy. He is an architect and has been working as a professor at undergraduate and graduate level for over thirty years. He is the academic director of Master Future City Managers and 21st Century Housing Laboratory, both programs at UPC in Barcelona and UIA in Mexico. He has served as director of the Tierra-Agua summer workshop hosted by UIA and IUAV, and has been a Category “A” professor for over eleven years at the Ibero-American University.

He was Artistic Creator at the SNCA (Sistema Nacional de Creadores Artísticos de México) FONCA-CONACULTA with a grant won through a national competition from 2007 to 2011, and from 2011 to 2014 for projects focusing on architecture and public space. With the SNCA’s support and grant, Julio Gaeta created MEP-MX (Mapping Public Space) research project (www.mapeodelespaciopublico) in 2011-2014, an online, open platform that is permanently under construction, collecting reflections and records regarding different public space case studies in Mexico City and worldwide. His influence stems from his professional practice as architect, researcher and professor : / /

In 2001, he founded GAETA-SPRINGALL Architects. Among his most renowned built projects are: Casa del Lago (Lake House) in Montevideo, 4 Houses LCC, GH House-Studio, Siroco and Mistral Towers, Memorial to Victims of Violence in Mexico, Mexican Pavilion at the 14th Venice Biennial, and the project of the Minor Nave at La Merced Market.

Gaeta-Springall Architects has obtained important prizes in the last national architecture competitions in Mexico. A summary of these results: second place for the Mexican Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo, first and third place in the competition for the Memorial to the Victims of Violence, first place for the Pavilion and Curatorship of Mexico at the 14th Venice Biennial, first place in the national competition titled “Mejorando la Unidad” (“Improving the Unit”) , and second place in the “Integral Rescue of La Merced” competition, which resulted in the Minor Nave project that started construction on 2015.

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